How to convert a large JSON (or XML) file to CSV

Large JSON (or XML) files can be a headache to parse or convert. We can convert any size file (50GB? 100GB? no problem) to CSV.

If your file is:

less than 1 MB use our free online converter
less than 50 MB process your file(s) immediately online for $10
over 50 MB (and you wish to process the file(s) offline) use our desktop converter - $120 for 1 year
over 50 MB (and you wish to process the file(s) in the cloud) upload your file(s) below - $30 per GB (gigabyte)

If you have a one-off requirement to process large JSON files, upload them below and we will send you the CSV result within 24 hours. The price for this custom service is $30 per GB (unzipped):

Convert my large file to CSV now

  1. Zip your JSON / XML file and upload it to Data.Page
  2. My file is less than GB(s)
  3. Pay for this service using Paypal (or card)
  4. Wait for my CSV result to arrive via email (maximum 24 hours)

No risk: full refund if you are not happy with the result for any reason.

Contact us if you have any questions about this custom service.