CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a data format which was very popular in the past but has now been overshadowed by more modern markup languages such as XML and JSON.

As opposed to heirarchical data formats, CSV data forms a 2 dimensional structure where like-data is grouped together on each row of text with commas separating each data element.

For example:


Our customers have various reasons for wanting to convert JSON data to CSV data. One of the more common reasons is to have the simplicity of being able to view data in a spreadsheet (such as Excel or Open Office). Most spreadsheet programs can easily open CSV files which means that the data can then be diced around by filtering, sorting, grouping and charting.

CSV files are also a useful format for importing data into database tables or for uploading data into some legacy systems.

We have put a lot of effort into our JSON to CSV converter with the aim that our customers will be satisfied with the resulting CSV output.

Further information about CSV format can be obtained here.