CSV Shortcuts for JSON URLs

We all know that JSON is hard to read for the human eye. JSON feeds are everywhere on the web today. What if there was a way to immediately pull all that data into a CSV spreadsheet?

Well you can always manually paste the URL into our JSON to CSV Converter and then download the file. However, now there is an even faster way to extract live JSON data.

All you need to do is:

  • in your browser, simply paste the following text in front of your JSON URL: data.page/?u=
  • press enter
and the generated CSV file will immediately start downloading ready for viewing inside your spreadsheet.

So for example, to get data about beach photos from tumblr, you can get the JSON from this URL:


and you can turn it into a CSV link as follows:


You can then send the link directly to your friends and colleagues and when they click the link, the CSV will start downloading directly. They will then have a direct up-to-date data dump of the data from the JSON feed. If you wish, you can also include the link on your website so that others can download it. We do ask that if you publish the link that you mention it is "powered by Data.Page"

Please note that each person who clicks on the link will be able to download up to 1 MB every 24 hours. This should cover most JSON links (as they are normally a lot less than 1 MB). If you wish to download more, you can SUBSCRIBE TO PRO and download up to 50 MB. Contact us if you would like us to provide a way for your website visitors to download more than 1 MB per day via these special links.

NOTE: If your url contains any query strings or other special characters, you will need to first encode the URL using this tool

Talk to us about setting up a "Powered by Data.Page" button on your website like the following (which will generate a direct CSV download):

Another option is to display the CSV results and allow the user to download the data in many other different ways:

Contact us if you have any further questions about these tools or if you require any other automated solutions.